Ordhan Toner


Fighters will, more times than not, cut weight in order to gain a size advantage over their opponent. Severe dehydration is used commonly in order to radically drop weight days before weigh ins for professional combat fights. 90 degree saunas, boiling baths and running in layers of clothes along with bin bags are some of the most commonly used techniques used by fighters to reach their weight goals. These techniques are usually blamed for the lack of weight catchments within combat sports. Athletes claim they need to take these drastic measures in order to gain an advantage, or a lot of the time, gain an equal playing field with most fighters practising these techniques. Fighters are usually given a weigh-in window which occurs the day before the fight, allowing them to recover from these extreme weight-loss techniques. This sees fighters drastically re-hydrate and carb load to put the weight back on in attempts to gain a size advantage over their opponent. This mulit-media project aims to explore the danger of extreme weight cutting in combat sports.


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